The goals of KSP are to develop joint initiatives in the fields of research, teaching, executive education and capacity building, students support, and platform for debate. KSP aims at supporting partnerships to boost collaboration in a wide array of major fields of interests.

Components of the Program:

KSP Student Excellence Scholarship:  The KSP Excellence Scholarship supports outstanding students admitted to Sciences Po and enrolled on a program at the master level. Multiple scholarships will be awarded to the best candidates on a competitive basis. Students may apply to one of the three following categories:

  • KSP Excellence Scholarship for the Study of the Arab World and Gulf Region: open to candidates of all nationalities and dedicated to students admitted at PSIA who have chosen to focus on the study of the Arab World and Gulf Region. 
  • KSP Excellence Scholarship for Arab Students: open to nationals from Arab countries and dedicated to students admitted at PSIA in any master program.
  • KSP Excellence Scholarship for Least Developed Countries: open to nationals from Least Developed Countries and dedicated to students admitted at Sciences Po in any master program.

Kuwait Chair in Middle Eastern Studies:

  • The Kuwait Chair of Sciences Po will support the development of original research and teaching on the Arab World and the Gulf Region.

KSP Visiting Faculty:

  • The KSP Visiting Faculty program offers one-semester teaching opportunities at the Paris School of International Affairs of Sciences Po for leading specialists of the Arab World and the Gulf Region.

  KSP Student Paper Award:

  • The KSP Student Paper Award distinguishes outstanding student papers written on a topic related to the study of the Arab World and the Gulf Region.

KSP Mobility Grant:

  • The Kuwait Program offers mobility grants to Sciences Po students enrolled on eligible programs, at undergraduate and Master level, who plan to study, complete internships or do field research in the region. Mobility grants of up to 5,000 Euros per project will be awarded.

 KSP Joint Research Projects:

  • Joint research projects are funded by the Kuwait Program at Sciences Po to foster scientific links between faculty members at Sciences Po and in Kuwait, building a unique research network.
  • Research projects, which may take different forms, may be presented jointly by a faculty member from a university in Kuwait and a faculty member from Sciences Po. 

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Contact: Ms. Marie-Zénaïde Jolys - Kuwait Program Manager : program.kuwait@sciencespo.fr

At KFAS : Office of International Programs oip@kfas.org.kw

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