Research Support

In-house Research & Development for Private Sector

This program focuses on collaborative funding to promote in-house research and development for the advancement of Science, Technology ,Innovation in large enterprise shareholding companies. The program aims to fund initial research to help reduce the uncertainty of project outcomes. This could include feasibility studies, market research, or business case preparation. The program also co-funds well-identified in-house R&D projects on a cost sharing basis.

Consider applying if you need:

  • A feasibility study prior to a major in-house R&D project
  • The development of new products, or the upgrading of an existing process.
  • Improvements to the quality of your product or services and enhancing the company’s yield.
  • Adapting new processes or testing new products.
  • The introduction of new technology to enhance the company's yield.


To apply, download the application form and related documents:



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