For the Scientific & Research Community

We aim to enhance research and development in Kuwait by funding carefully selected scientific research proposals and building the capacity of the research community. We also celebrate scientific achievements by awarding various prizes to Kuwaiti and Arab scientists worldwide. Furthermore, We collaborate with renowned international institutions to facilitate cooperation with local scientists and researchers.

In recognition of the importance of celebrating scientific achievements and honoring Kuwaiti and Arab researchers and academics, KFAS provides several awards with an objective to honor accomplished researchers and inspire younger generations to pursue scientific careers in order to become the next generation of scholars and leaders advancing their societies.

Prizes Announcement

Within the vision of His Highness, the Amir of the State of Kuwait, the Scientific Production Prize was launched in 1988. The prize stresses the importance of sponsoring scientists and researchers, encouraging distinguished scientists and Kuwaiti nationals holding PhD to pursue their research, and to motivate them to devote their efforts to enhance their abilities in the field of research and strengthen their capabilities in authorship and translation of scientific books in various branches of knowledge. The prize also supports the promotion of the spirit of positive competition among scientists, academics and researchers.

The Scientific Production Prize encompasses the following areas:

  1. Physical Sciences and Mathematics: Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Sciences and other physical science and mathematics majors.
  2. Engineering Sciences: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Agricultural Engineering and other engineering majors.
  3. Biological Sciences: Botany, Embryology, Zoology, Entomology, Biochemistry, Agronomy and Animal Science (including Veterinary Science, Diary production, Poultry production, Livestock and Pisciculture), Agricultural Chemistry, Plant pathology, Horticulture, Microbiology and other biology majors.
  4. Medical Sciences and Allied Health Sciences: Anatomy, Pharmacology, Physiology, Microbiology, Pathology, Internal Medicine, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Radiotherapy, Surgery, Dentistry, Ophthalmology and other medical science and allied health majors.
  5. Social Sciences and Humanities: Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Political Sciences, History, Geography, Pedagogy, Arabic Language, Foreign Languages, Philosophy, Law, Shareea’ (Islamic Law) and other social science and majors in humanities.
  6. Administrative Sciences and Economics: Business Administration, Marketing, Industrial Management, Finance and Investment, Accounting, Economics, Insurance, Public Administration and other administration and economics majors.

For each of the areas, the Foundation awards a cash prize of KD 10,000, a gold medal, a KFAS shield, and a certificate of recognition.

The Scientific Production Prize is awarded according to the following conditions:

  1. The applicant must be a Kuwaiti national.
  2. The applicant must be a PhD holder and has published at least eight full-length articles in scholarly journals after obtaining the PhD degree.
  3. The applicant must be no older than 45 years of age.
  4. The submitted works includes the following:
  • Papers published or accepted for publication in scholarly journals
  • Papers published in proceedings of scientific conferences
  • Research papers presented as lectures or posters in scientific conferences
  • Books, including authored, translated, and edited books, as well as one or more authored chapters in a book
  • Articles, studies, scientific reports and patents; excluding papers extracted from the applicant's Master's or Doctoral theses.
  1. Decisions of the KFAS Board concerning the prizes are final and there is no recourse for objection.
  2. Applicants must fill in the application form, ensuring to include the submitted works online. The application form may be obtained by clicking here. Submissions should be sent in PDF format only. This is done through sending a USB flash drive with the required documents to KFAS' address - Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences - Al Sharq, Ahmed Al-Jaber St. - Tel: (+965) 22270465- or through cloud storage sites, such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive to KFAS' Prizes Office email:
  3. All nominations must be submitted no later than 30 June 2019.

For further queries, please contact

Tel: (+965) 22270465 Fax: (+965) 22270462 or e-mail the Awards Office: 

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences invites Universities, Scientific and Research Institutions and individuals (see items 3 and 4 below) to submit nominations of Kuwaiti and Arab scientists for the 2019 cycle of the Kuwait Prize.

The four fields for 2019 cycle of the Prize are*:

Fundamental Sciences:  (Mathematics - including but not limited to; Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Geometry and Topology, Actuarial Mathematics, Statistics)

Applied Sciences:  (Environmental - including but not limited to; Climate change,Desertification, Biodiversity, Waste Management, Environmental Health)

Economics and Social Sciences:  (Social Sciences - including but not limited to; Sociology, Psychology, Political Sciences in addition to modern interdisciplinary Fields)

Arts and Literature: Studies of Foreign Languages and Literature

KFAS awards an annual Prize cash sum of K.D. 40,000 (Approx. $135,000) for each field.

Download the application form.

Conditions and requirements:
1 - The nominee must be from an Arab nationality and have a proof of Arabic origin; either an Arabic birth certificate or a valid Arabic passport. A copy of the birth certificate or passport should be attached along with the submitted application.

2 - The work submitted should be innovative, significant in the announced field, and published during the past twenty years. Submitted work includes papers published or accepted for publication in refereed Journals and books with ISBN number (authored, translated, edited, and chapters in books). MA or PhD theses and any publications extracted from them shall not be evaluated as part of the nominee’s  scientific work.

3 - KFAS will consider nominations from universities, academic and research institutions, scientific centers, former laureates of the prizes and peers of the nominees.

4 - KFAS will accept self-nominations. To support self-nominations, nominees should provide a list of five references: four academics/ researchers and one scientific institution. KFAS will seek out support letters from three of these references. (two academics and the scientific institution).

5 - KFAS decisions concerning the prizes are final and objections are not accepted.

6 - Nominees must fill in the prize nomination form and send it along with the submitted work electronically.  The nomination form is obtained from the KFAS website. The nomination form for Fundamental Sciences and Applied Sciences Fields should be submitted in English version.

7 - The nomination form along with the comprehensive scientific achievements completed in the past twenty years should be sent in PDF format, through the cloud storage services sites such as (Google Drive–Dropbox–OneDrive) via Prizes email:  

8 - Required documents must be sent no later than end of June 2019

For more information and inquiries please, contact the Prizes Office on the following: Tel: +965-22270465 Fax: +965-22270462 or E-Mail: 

*Topics of the fields are subject to change annually.

Al-Sumait Prize 2019, Invitation for Nominations

The subject for the 2019 prize is Food Security

Submission deadline is 30/04/2019

The prize is to be awarded to individuals or institutions who through their research projects or initiatives have made significant advancement within one or more of the following areas:

  • Developing new varieties of seeds, crops or livestock which can improve the food security of the poor population in Africa by increasing the calorific and nutritional value of food produced and consumed domestically.
  • Improving farmers’ access to agricultural inputs, techniques, technologies and markets so as to increase the availability of staple products which form a core part of the diet of the poorest people in Africa.
  • Improving farmers’ resilience to climate change and extreme weather.
  • Improving marketing and adopting modern business strategies.
  • Addressing issues relevant to gender equity in the field of the Prize.

Conditions and requirements:

  • The nominated candidates’ research work or projects and initiatives must be innovative and must have achieved high-impact in line with international standards for the
  • The submitted work must be of paramount importance in promoting significant economic, social, human resources and infrastructure development in the African continent within the announced field of the Submitted research work of a nominated candidate should be composed of studies and applied research, published in peer reviewed journals and recognized at a global level within the announced field. The research outcome needs to have been applied after publication in African countries within the past ten years. Adequate supporting evidence needs to be provided including collaboration with African NGO’s and farmer organizations.
  • Nominations are to be accepted from institutions and scientific centers (universities, institutes and centers of scientific research) as well as from competent regional or international and UN organizations and awards and former winners in the field of the prize or former evaluation members. Nominations will only be accepted through institutions or other possible nominators mentioned
  • All submissions must be submitted in English. If the work is carried out in other working UN languages, a comprehensive summary of the nominated work in English must be submitted.
  • Fill in the prize application form and send it along with the scientific production works electronically in PDF format via CD, DVD, Flash Memory or via the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) Prizes Office email The nomination form can be obtained from the are addressed to the Director General of the foundation.
  • The application and submitted works must be received before 31/05/2019

For more information and inquiries please, contact the Prizes Office T(+965) 22270465    F(+965)22270462 E